#46 Nadia Reid, The Wine Cellar

26 June 2018

2018-06-26 21.51.26-1.jpg

I arrived late for this one, tired and more than a bit frustrated by an evening’s work that hadn’t gone as planned. But being back at the Wine Cellar, one of Auckland's most intimate, shabby and satisfying venues, with a fine ale and hearing Nadia Reid soon put matters to right.

The acoustic act she performed at the Writer’s Festival drew me in to her musical world, but tonight’s gig with a full band adds new layers and appreciation.

With a trademark rose tied to the mic stand, there are plenty of gorgeous sounds underpinned by her rich, expressive vocals. One song that continues to stay with me is Right on Time, which begins slow, builds its groove, then becomes catchy, then absorbing and reaches an anthemic quality. ‘Thanks Mr Guitar!’ calls out one in the audience to the sweet solo that finishes the song.

Later in the year, Reid heads to Richmond, Virginia, to record her next album. We left with another tea towel for the collection and looking forward to her new offerings.