#45 Adam McGrath, Casa del Aroha

24 June 2018

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The Casa del Aroha is a warm and inviting lounge in a Sandringham flat, where 40 or so people squeeze in on couches, cushions, bean bags and dining chairs. It’s an intimate venue for a larger than life folk performer. One man, one guitar, no looper and no stomp box, totally unplugged yet live wired.

Adam McGrath, the driving force behind the Eastern, sets out the rules of Folk Club: rule number one, you don’t talk about Folk Club; rule number two, you don’t talk during Folk Club; and rule number three, the folk singer gets to talk as much as he wants.

And talk he does, impassioned, self-deprecating, radical, inspired and inspiring, telling stories behind each and every song in show that lasts three hours on a Sunday night, yet all leave knowing they’ve had a special treat, captured by songs …

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About a misspent youth and a rabbit stolen from (and returned to) a kindergarten

About too many Wellington bars that are named after things they used to be

About writing someone a love song that was never loved that much

About the power and the glory of the story of the shadow on the shoulder to Te Awamutu

About a guy coming south to help a friend get through a mental health crisis

About cool things that happen because of libraries

About how all we have is the day after yesterday.