52 gigs began as the record of a self-imposed challenge to see 52 gigs in 52 weeks, before I turned 52. It was - and remains - about connecting with old and new favourites, and exposure to new sounds.

Once I got through the challenge in August 2018, I decided to keep the site going as a self-indulgent record of my musical wanderings.

For the record, the rules for the 52 gigs challenge were pretty simple:

  1. One performance, one gig.
  2. It counts as a gig if I hang around for 30 minutes or more.
  3. Support acts don't count extra. Headline acts only.
  4. They're my rules and I'll do what I want. I still get to enjoy myself.

Pretty much all the photos are taken by me, generally with my phone. They are what they are.