#42 Joshua Radin, Tuning Fork

31 May 2018


Tuning Fork tonight
Acoustic performances
With a café chic

Sophie Mashlan first
Humble, engaging talent
Demands attention


Left handed playing
Songs of perfect disasters
Left broken and bruised

I will admit that
"Whisper rock" made me think he
Was just hipster folk

Then he sang Only You
A song that captured the room
Dammit, I might stay

Fan from Arizona
Piercing and ill-timed whoops
Exercise in zen

"Shut the fuck up please"
Someone whispers plaintively
"I'm just excited!"


Depressed but hopeful
Has no envy and no fear
Better tomorrow

A cold winter night
Songs that give us a campfire's
Warm intimate glow

In case you're wondering at this poetic turn, I was challenged to write a review entirely in Haiku. I think this post is testament to the truth that just because you can write in 5-7-5 doesn't mean you should.