#32 My Baby, Whammy Bar

2 March 2018

My Baby2.jpg

Left Eden Park with five minutes to go and the Blues trailing the Chiefs by six points. My departure didn't create the winning try and the Blues continue to disappoint, as they have for some years now.

But My Baby were the perfect antidote to the perennial frustration that is watching the Blues. Caught a taxi ahead of the departing crowd and made it to Whammy a few minutes before the band came on.

My friend Glyn sent word out from his Blenheim home that these were not to be missed. Crikey that man chooses his bulletins well.

It was tightly packed and as hot as a Turkish sauna in Whammy, but no matter, it all added to the energy.

My Baby are a Dutch/New Zealand trio performing dance music that combines roots, funk and a psychedelic bluesy sound, but one that is never laid back. It's high energy from beginning to end and the space never stopped moving.

It was one of those "I couldn't name a single track and I have no idea what they're on about but dammit I'm glad to have been there" evenings.

And another souvenir CD collected, even though the CD player finally gave up the ghost this week. Still a memory worth holding on to.

My Baby1.jpg