#19 Voiceclub, Auckland Town Hall

14 December 2017

2017-12-14 19.33.14.jpg

Voiceclub are always worth a listen, for the unashamedly pop arrangements that David Tillinghast crafts, for the exuberance of the performances, for the fun of every night, and for the knowledge that every one of their gigs benefits music in low decile schools.  

Tonight was their biggest performance venue to date, at the Auckland Town Hall. When they've performed at the Concert Chamber next door, they've raised the roof and made a real party, but the Town Hall was perhaps just a little too big, and their sound was a bit lost.

Still, tonight's theme was love, and David creates cool, catchy and captivating arrangements whatever the theme or the venue. Springsteen's Because the Night was an early stand out, along with a (more than) worthy rendition of the best New Zealand pop song ever, Not Given Lightly.

Support acts were aplenty; Chord 5 got the crowd moving with Rock the Boat, and sweet  harmonies with Run to You. Kate Wood and the Voxpop Singers provided some superb moments, especially Back in Black, Fall at Your Feet and Nature Boy. Oh all right, Somebody to Love was fab, and I don’t even like Queen. 

Glenbrae and Bairds primary schools made the most of the opportunity to perform and had a warm response from the crowd. 

But Voiceclub were the lead act and if anything I would have liked to have heard more from them. Special moments were their performances of Only You, How Deep is Your Love, and Make You Feel my Love. But then with my love of some 28 years in Voiceclub, perhaps I'm a little biased.